A MILLION LITTLE FEET a selection of my 'a million little pictures' project submission

As mentioned in a previous post I signed up for the Art House Gallery's 'A Million Little Pictures' project. After receiving my camera from the states I went about documenting 2 months of my life in 24 photos. I enjoyed trying to come up with something that I hope will be a bit different to the one thousand other photographers submissions. The project was also a chance to go back in time and have a play with film, a cheap plastic camera with no manual controls or customisable settings, and the technically not so great but nostalgically charming results of the 1hr photo lab. (You've gotta love those washed out colours and strangely marked and inconsistent 6x4's)

Using 35mm film for the first time in 5 years was great fun. Not seeing your photos right away and waiting to see the results as physical objects rather than pixels on the monitor was a refreshing change from the digital world. The whole experience has inspired me to dust of the FM2 and maybe even look into venturing back into the darkroom… i can smell the developer already.