Just a quick test post to help set up my iphoneography project, spotted this poster on a walk along Regent's Canal and tweaked the photo a little with a few apps. CrossProcessPic Grunger.
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SPICY capri

I've just finished a job photographing a branded mkI ford capri for a well known aftershave thats having a bit of a resurgence. Can't say which one yet, but you or your dad may well of used it back in the 80's. The car looked great and is going to be part of a promotional rally team touring the uk this summer.


The brilliant 'Sharks Took The Rest' (check out their myspace page) have used one of my photos for their latest cd cover, and have commissioned me for their future publicity shots. I'll post more on this at a later date. I also designed their logo and other cd art work.

INSTILLATION dual screen video 2004

City 2 Country (dual screen video instillation 2004) from A2B PHOTOGRAPHY on Vimeo.

A bit of nostalgia here, its my degree show project from 2004. Thats about 4 years pre 'HD', we were still shooting film on my photography course and video was just a twinkle in many a photographers eye. Tech and my personal knowledge have moved on a lot since then.

I should note that the original instillation had an ambient soundtrack recorded on location. This unfortunately has been lost and so I've used the excellent 'Heaven' by Unkle as a stand in.

NOSTALGIA training up in newcastle 2002

I've been looking though a lot of old photos and files as part of my new year hard drive clean up. When I hooked up an old drive I found some of my old uni work, this shots from 2002, Newcastle Train Station. Found some old video stuff too that I've posted above and on Vimeo. Its always good to have a look back over some of your old work every now and again, you never know, it might just spark off a new project or maybe just bring back some fond memories.